Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trashy Women take the spotlight in Oxford!!!

It's here, it's heavenly, it's hot off the press-- Read all about the Trashy Women in the newest issue of the Oxfordonian; a magazine published by the Oxford, PA's Chamber of Commerce---

I was honored to be asked to write about this warm-hearted and generous group --- in part to bring attention to the inventive and economical Trashy Women Workshops that will be offered (thanks to Richard Beards of the Bookplace and the Oxford Arts Alliance) starting February 2009 in the spacious Simon Building at 38 South Third Street as well as the TW exhibition planned for September 2009 in the same peruse these pages and stay tuned for more!


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School 33 Art Center said...

great article.

school 33 artcenter would love to have trashy women do a class or workshop here in south bmore. give us a call 410-396-4641.

happy new year xo